Dry Scalp Remedies

These natural dry scalp remedies will help your skin to heal from the inside out regardless of what's causing your dry scalp.
Dry Scalp Shea Butter
Description: Whether you have dandruff or a dry itchy scalp, this product contains some of the most effective natural moisturizers known to men!

Benefit: A little goes a long way.  This will eliminate the irritation and itch without clogging your pores.

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Itchy Scalp Treatment
Description: This product is a completely natural leave-in treatment that can be used everyday as you restore your scalp to its proper health.

Benefit: Stops the itching, burning, and flakes without the harsh chemicals in your current hair products.

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Natural Scalp Massage

Description: This gentle product exfoliates your scalp, kills bacteria and fungus, and replenishes your skin at the same time.

Benefit: By stimulating blood flow to the scalp and unblocking pores, this product prevents dandruff and other scalp conditions from forming.

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Scalp Fungus Treatment
Description: Many scalp conditions are the result of bacteria or fungus.  This is a leave-in treatment formulated to treat the problem naturally.

Benefit: This gently solution treats the root cause of many scalp problems while improving the health of your scalp and leaving it feeling refreshed.

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Scalp Shampoo
Description: Shampoo is the first and most important step to treating all scalp conditions.  The last thing you want to do is make the condition worse with the wrong shampoo.

Benefit: This anti-bacterial, anti-fungal shampoo will treat, cleanse, and heal your scalp.

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Scalp Vinegar Rinse Cleanser
Description: Designed to purify your skin by eliminating the bacteria, yeast, and fungus associated with most scalp problems.

Benefit: A powerful combination of natural ingredients that will help reduce inflammation, scaling and peeling.

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